Train rhymes with brain. Clever, eh?

Fed up of being told you’ve got the brain of an 82 year old? Well at long last, you'll be able to prove that your brain is really quite amazing, with NinjaBee’s The Amazing Brain Train.

It may be bold to title a game with the word ‘amazing’ but NinjaBee are confident that they can supply us with an experience unlike any “ordinary brain game” with the promise of quests, trophies and high scores. You can check out the video below, or for those amazingly brainy among you, try out a free demo for your PC or MAC somewhere on the internet. Although you’ll have to use your own smarts to get it...

Here's a copy of the press release that pulled into Nintendo Life station.

About The Amazing Brain Train!

The Amazing Brain Train! is a brain training game like no other. Hosted by the diminutive genius Professor Fizzwizzle, the player is taken on a brain-boosting adventure around the Professors cartoon world, stopping to solve challenges and help his friends along the way. Fueled only by mental energy, The Amazing Brain Train! guides the player through 15 different mini-games in three addictive game play modes—quest, test and practice.

"This is no ordinary brain game. The Amazing Brain Train! contains features never before seen in the genre. Its a departure from the minimalist brain games we've seen in the past. You can forget about goal-less gameplay: The Amazing Brain Train! is packed with quests, trophies and high scores that add an aspect of gameplay that other brain games just dont have." --Ryan Clark, co-founder of Grubby Games


  • 15 different brain games, in 5 categories:
    o Search - Find the solution, and your hidden talent!
    o Planning - Think ahead, to victory!
    o Spatial - You'll be a master of mental manipulation!
    o Memory - Make the most of your powerful memory!
    o Numbers - Become a numerical ninja!
  • Three different ways to play:
    o Test Mode - Test yourself in all categories and see if you make the grade!
    o Quest Mode - Put your brain power to good use performing quests and epic deeds!
    o Practice Mode - Master any of the 15 games in "timed" or "unlimited" modes!
  • Tons of extra features:
    o High scores - 16 categories of brainy high score competition! Prove your superior brain power by beating best scores of friends and family.
    o Trophies - 32 unique trophies to unlock! Strengthen your brain and achieve them all!
    o Easy to play - Each game is demonstrated visually; everything is easy to learn!
    o Challenging for all ages – Each brain game becomes increasingly difficult as you correctly solve puzzles, tailoring the difficulty to each player’s ability. Don’t let the cartoon-style fool you, this game is tough!
    o Unlockable tracks – Progress your way through quest mode to unlock new tracks, quests and challenges!

NinjaBee haven't given any date or pricing information as yet, so we'll keep you posted in the coming months!