How will you battle with yours?

Those of you Pokémon Platinum owners in the US who can haul off to a Toys 'R' Us before November 14th can snag themselves the ultimate Pokemon of all: Arceus. Those who receive this rare beast will discover it has already been levelled up to lvl.100, and has some pretty unique stats that can only be found on this version.

This Arceus will come with a Classic Ribbon, live in a Cherish Ball, and hold a Rowap berry, as well as knowing the moves Judgment, Roar of Time, Spacial Rend and Shadow Force, some of which it can't obtain normally.

While this Arceus does little different to your Platinum game, once transferred to a copy of Heart Gold or Soul Silver, things look a little more interesting! Take them to a certain area in the game, and you'll get an opportunity to have Arceus create a lvl.1 Palkia, Dialga or Giratina, all with a unique move!

So go and get that Arceus on, it's one of the most unpredictable Pokemon in the game and will definitely be popular among the battling community!

Australian fans get their chance to snag one soon, at selected Kmart and EBGames stores from November 5th to the 16th. Check out the Australian site here.

European gamers - sorry, no announcements on Arceus for you just yet. Stay tuned, though.