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British developer Onteca yesterday announced their new WiiWare game, Monsteca Corral, and it will be hitting sometime in January.

The game puts players in the shoes of a Monster Herder, whose job is to control a herd of monsters called Sdompe's and keep them away from danger and tomfoolery.

Onteca said Monsteca Corral incorporates the "ambient feel" of games like Pikmin and the PSN release Flower, but the actual game description smacks of Lemmings to us.

For the curious, here's the full press release:

Coming this January, New Onteca Wiiware™ game sets to revolutionise casual games with a 3d twist

In a market place saturated with huge franchises and ultra realistic titles, gamers may be left wondering where the fun has gone. British indie games developer Onteca have taken a side step to get back to the true essence of gaming. With the release of their newly developed game coming this January, the company is taking it upon themselves to remind people of the essential pleasures of video games.

By incorporating the ambient feel of games such as 'Flower' and 'Pikmin' with the excitement of Wii™, Onteca is set to raise the bar on existing WiiWare™ titles by releasing their new 3d game 'Monsteca Corral'. Making extensive use of the Wii’s™ 3d capabilities, Monsteca Corral offers players a far more expansive gaming experience, the likes of which have scarcely been seen on any WiiWare™ title.

Monsteca Corral begs to ask gamers the question “Have you ever wanted to take on a daring rescue mission of an alien planet inhabited by monsters, using your quick wit to prevent invading robots from taking over?” Onteca and the Wii Shop Channel have teamed up to give gamers just that, an exciting 3d Wii™ experience that challenges its players to strategize and save the planet Monsteca from robot takeover.

Throughout the game the player must control a herd of cartoony monsters known as Sdompe’s, who’s cute but not so bright nature requires the player to guide them on their migratory journey. It is the player’s job to exhibit their own Wii Remote™ expertise by accumulating and guiding the clueless beings successfully across the world of Monsteca. The player will take the role of a Monster Herder, flying above the Sdompe’s, trying to save them from potential dangers within their environment created by the ever increasing robot population.

“Monsteca Corral is a fast paced fun Action Strategy Puzzle game that has a new twist on an established genre.” says Jon Wetherall, Managing Director of Onteca. Onteca recognises that not all gamers choose games based on how much adrenaline they muster, how elaborate the play is or how realistic the graphics are. Wetherall discusses Monsteca Corral’s target demographics, “This is a “fun gamers’ game designed to appeal to those who enjoy a more pick up and play experience. The game is aimed primary at a younger market, however through its unique game play and cutesy style the game has the potential to appeal to all ages.

Monsteca Corral is set to be released through the Wii Shop Channel in January 2010, venturing into a new family of games for the Wii™ console. Monsteca Corral will invite people to experience a totally new and innovative method of gameplay with a fresh perspective on a classic genre.