Hey, guys, put down the pitchforks...

Tomorrow was the scheduled release of the ninth episode of our podcast, but due to time constraints it simply isn't going to be ready, but don't fret! It'll be only be delayed by a few days until this coming Friday, November the 6th.

This gives you plenty of time to let us know what you think about Nintendo's latest announcement: the DSi XL, due to hit Western shores next year. Is this a DS revision too far? Would you buy it? Who do you think it's aimed? Skype us at the username NintendoLife, call 020 8144 8216 from the UK or 011442081448216 from the States, or simply use your PC to record a clip and email it to the podcast team.

Don't forget to check out previous editions of the podcast and come back on Friday for what promises to be a spectacular and very unique episode!