Bomberman is now downloadable AND portable!

A whole bunch of games were already confirmed for release today - But of course, they weren't the only games scheduled, and one of the confirmed games even got delayed at the last moment. WiiWare and DSiWare both get three new games, while the Virtual Console only gets one lonely new one.

That loner is Fighting Street, the Turbografx-CD port of the original Street Fighter. Do we really need to go over this again? The original arcade game wasn't good, and this home port is even worse off. Unless you're a die-hard Street Fighter fan, there is absolutely no reason to get this - The sequels are all far superior. If you don't want to trust our review, we cannot be held responsible for any traumatizing events!

DSiWare offers us Bomberman Blitz, which basically just seems to be a portable version of Bomberman Blast - 8 players, online multiplayer, new arenas and new items are all there. For 500 DSi Points it also seems to be steal, so you should be pretty safe picking it up. We'll review it soon.

The very generically titled Sudoku is DSiWare's fourth game based on the popular puzzle, and possibly the best - With hundreds of puzzles for just 200 DSi Points it easily offers the most bang for your buck out of the currently available options. Our review will tell you all you need to know. Can we take a little Sudoku break now, Nintendo?

The last DSiWare release today is a continuation of last week's out of place Halloween release - A Little Bit of... All Time Classics: Family Favorites offers five more games contained in the retail title 42 All-Time Classics. For 500 DSi Points, that means you're paying 100 per game! As with the first, it's pretty decent, but ultimately really only worth it if you like the games contained within.

WiiWare finally brings us Tales of Monkey Island: Chapter 3 - Lair of the Leviathan. You'll be disappointed to know that the audio/visual lag that was there in the previous two chapters is still here, however, in terms of content this is easily the best chapter yet, as it's got some of the funniest jokes so far. Decide for yourself! It costs 1000 Wii Points, just like the previous chapters.

The previously announced Manic Monkey Mayhem, after a delay, is also here this week. It's pretty simple - You take control of a monkey and must do battle with up to 7 others by trying to knock them off their platform with throwable bananas. With a variety of game modes and online multiplayer it could be worth it, but for 1000 Wii Points some caution is advised. We'll have a review soon.

Today's final new release is UNO, a WiiWare version of the popular card game. Strangely, a DSiWare version was also planned for release today, but it has been pushed back a week. Online multiplayer seems to be popular this week, because this title also includes it, and it even has Wii Speak support. It's only 500 Wii Points as well, so if you love UNO it should be pretty good. We'll review it soon.

7 new games this time, are you getting any?