Blast Off!

Another WiiWare holiday and only two Virtual Console releases - both Namco arcade games. Hardly seems possible given the number of announced Virtual Console titles for November yet to be released, unless the 24th is going to break all previous records!

Virtual Console

Bosconian (800pts Arcade - Namco) - This is one of the first games to feature speech samples (though they're barely comprehensible - to humorous effect). It's also noteworthy for allowing players freedom of movement through a multi-screen wraparound area where the goal is to destroy enemy starbases whilst avoiding ships. A classic game that's featured on many Namco Museum releases across several platforms.

Libble Rabble (800pts Arcade - Namco) - Another classic Namco arcade game which seems to have only been released in Japan. It offers a slight twist on the gameplay of Taito's Qix/Volfied, by having players use two arrows to draw a line around mushrooms and enemies on screen to capture them.

Shocking result!


G.G. Series Tetsubo (200pts - Genterprise) - The G.G. Series of cheap and cheerful portable arcade titles continues! The first of two releases from Genterprise next week, Tetsubo sees players controlling a figure who jumps from high bar to high bar with players controlling his rotation and jump timing. There are electrified floors to cross, so it looks like the right amount of rotational speed and release timing is critical to avoid electrocution.

G.G. Series Drift Circuit (200pts - Genterprise) - This one looks very much like the old PC Engine game Moto Roader: a top-down racing game with the emphasis on drifting to get the win.

Drifting to victory!

High School English Idioms 200 Word Master (800pts - IE Institute) - Another in the seemingly endless series of educational aides for Japanese students learning English from IE Institute. This program focuses on more idiomatic expressions.

Real Talent Drawing Class: Early/Late (800pts - Nintendo) - Nintendo rounds out the DSiWare week with two titles roughly translated as "Real Talent Drawing Class" in two parts ("Early" and "Late") for 800pts each. Figures are shown in the top screen and then users tasked with copying them in the bottom, first sketching with pencil and then adding colour with simulated paint brushes.