Quite the conundrum

Japan's DSiWare fight against space wages on next week as Nintendo has revealed a new downloadable puzzle-fest.

Developed by Intelligent Systems, Panel Connection: 3 Minute Rocket has you move tiles around in order to complete the rocket's fuel line for blast-off. The three-minute limit comes into play in the game's Mission mode where you're challenged to complete multiple puzzles and reach a destination planet before time runs out. Puzzle, the game's other mode, is home to 100 brain-benders of this nature.

There are a few more screens and videos over at the game's official site if you want a taste for how it all works.

Japanese DSi owners can plunk down 500 Points to start their own space programs on November 11, and the rest of the world will just have to wait patiently in the meantime.

[source andriasang.com]