Now you can keep animals on a slightly larger scale.

Hudson's My Aquarium has seen continuous success - Almost every single week, it is among the top WiiWare downloads. Obviously, they've taken note of that, because this week, they'll be releasing a sequel to it! And to top it off, next week, they'll be releasing a game North America already got a few weeks ago.

My Zoo plays pretty much like a non-aquatic version of My Aquarium - This time, you can select eight different animals to raise in a (presumably customizable) zoo, such as lions, elephants, zebras and panda bears. Hudson will also gradually release a few extra animals through DLC, so the game will stay updated, at least for a while. The game will cost just 500 Wii Points, and will be out this Friday.

Shootanto: Evolutionary Mayhem is a bit of a weird one - It's a shooting gallery game in which you play as a monkey and gradually evolve the further you get. You start out throwing coconuts, but eventually you'll be chucking spears as cavemen, and by the end you'll be shooting guns as soldiers. It could be worth getting for the weirdness factor, as it's only 500 Wii Points, but we didn't think too much of it. It'll be out next week Friday, on the 20th.

That's all Hudson's got to tell you! We'll review My Zoo shortly after release, so stay tuned.