As close as you're gonna get to meeting Mario

A Twitter account purporting to belong to one Charles Martinet - none other than the wonderful voice of our favorite plumber - has recently been posting about an as-yet unspecified new Mario title. Read this tweet from a few days ago:

Mama Mia!!!! I'm going to Seattle this week to record a new Mario game!

Followed by this one two days later:

Big day tomorrow! Seattle for a new Mario game! Yippee!!!

Now, we know that New Super Mario Bros. Wii is due out soon, but with it due to launch in under a month the voice acting must already be complete, but there's a possibility it could be for next year's Super Mario Galaxy 2, right?

Awesome new Mario Game! And it's not NSMB Wii, and it's not Galaxy 2, but it's going to be crazy fun!

Well, that told us.

The account itself isn't a Twitter verified account so it's impossible to say if it genuinely is Mr Martinet or just some 16-year old boy sitting in his bedroom trying to fool us all. One thing's for sure - he certainly is excited about it.