She looks nasty!

Ed Roman, CEO of Ghostfire Games, has just sent over another brand new gameplay video from their upcoming Rage of the Gladiator WiiWare release for everyone to check out.

You can check out a snippet of information that accompanied the video along with the Sea Witch gameplay video itself below.

The Sea Witch’s Story:

The Sea Witch was found washed ashore by the nearby sea adjacent to Avalance. She is a cruel creation of the gods, being half woman and half reptile. Her human half craves human companionship and attention. But her reptilian side is vicious, and strikes out in instinct and fear. As a result, she is still searching for a suitable mate after 20 years.

About Rage of the Gladiator

Rage of the Gladiator is a fantasy-based fighting game. You play the role of Gracius, battling for his life in the arena against 11 unique enemies.
Your equipment consists of a magical war-hammer and a trusty shield. Wait for the right moment, then dodge, jump, or block your enemy's attacks. Next, unleash your rage by brutally pounding your enemy with your war-hammer and bashing them with your shield.

Each opponent has a unique style and pattern that you need to pay close attention to. Learn to exploit the weakness of each enemy with the proper timing and agility, and you will triumph.

As you advance past each battle, you will gain access to devastating combos. Early on, you may learn how to leap into the skies and plunge your war-hammer into the ground, creating a pillar of fire that burns your enemy to a crisp. As you progress you may learn more deadly combos, such as conjuring an ancient tornado to lay the ground asunder.

We'll have more information on Rage of the Gladiator as it becomes available, as well as a full review when the game hits the WiiWare service.