It's almost here!

Frontier has just announced that their brand new WiiWare sequel LostWinds: Winter of the Melodias will be released on the North American WiiWare service on Monday, October 19th for 1000 Wii Points.

You can check out the official press release detailing the game's release below for more information.

Frontier Developments Ltd. (‘Frontier’) today announced that LostWinds®: Winter of the Melodias will be released on Monday 19th October 2009 by Nintendo of America on the innovative WiiWare™ service.

David Braben, Frontier’s Chairman and Founder, said: “The original LostWinds was embraced by the US, and the sequel has major new gameplay features and improvements across the board. After the incredible reception in Europe for Winter of the Melodias, we’re excited to see what the American reaction will be.”

The eagerly awaited follow-up to last year’s best selling, award-winning WiiWare launch title has received high praise across the board in Europe including:

IGN UK 91% “With satisfyingly challenging puzzles expertly woven between engaging platforming and a thoroughly charming narrative, Winter of the Melodias represents an essential purchase. It's not simply the best WiiWare title on the market, but one of the best Wii games full stop”.

Eurogamer 90% “If this is the kind of thing WiiWare can do, let's have some more of it, frankly.”

Vandal Online 93% “LostWinds was probably one of the most attractive and interesting games on the Wii (not only WiiWare), and Winter of Melodias completely surpasses it.”

zConnect 96% “Even if you’ve never played the first game, make sure to pick up this wondrous little gem.”

Videogamer 90% “the game's overall aesthetic is so powerful that Winter of the Melodias might well be one of the most beautiful games ever created.”

Once again puts the power of the wind in the palm of your hand, as you experience Toku and Enril’s new adventure to save Toku’s mother, lift an ancient curse and thwart the evil Balasar. The elemental powers of Enril the Wind Spirit are used to protect and guide the young boy Toku - power his jumps and glides, suspend and smash new enemies, and explore all-new expanses of the stunningly presented, magical land of Mistralis.

Players can instantly transform Mistralis between Summer and Winter, harnessing the brilliance of nature: frozen Winter ponds and waterfalls become deep, teeming Summer pools and chambers in which to dive and unlock secrets, enemies can be frozen or doused, and the very air itself used to form snowballs or moisture-laden clouds. Other amazing new abilities include the cyclone, which can be used to transport Toku, smash powerful enemies and even drill through the rock of Mistralis’ diverse, richly interactive Chilling Peaks and Melodia City areas.

With production values to match the very best Wii disc titles, LostWinds: Winter of the Melodias will be available to download directly to the living rooms of millions of families in the Americas exclusively via Nintendo’s WiiWare service.

Pricing: 1000 Wii™ Points. WiiWare is accessible through Wii.

For those looking to pick up the game on Monday you can check out our full review of the game to help you make up your mind. As if you need any help.

Special thanks to JayArr for bringing us this great tidbit of news! And also to Vendetta for bringing it to my attention.