Nintendo, Hudson and even Namco all seem to be taking a bit of a step back this month - Not too surprising when there's 2 new Neo Geo and 5 new MSX games after over a year of nothing!

And it's not just small titles either - Nintendo's releasing another Fire Emblem, D4 Enterprise is releasing another Fatal Fury while Konami is releasing the very first installment in the Metal Gear series!

Japan's full list for November is as follows:


  • Fire Emblem Gaiden (November 4th - The second game in the Fire Emblem series.)

Super Famicom:

  • Romancing Sa-Ga (Another Japan-exclusive Square RPG.)

PC Engine:

  • Street Fighter II': Champion Edition (A Japan-exclusive PC Engine port of the arcade game with the same name. It will be released in North America in November as well, according to Hudson's site.)

Neo Geo:

  • Fatal Fury Special (November 4th - An enhanced version of Fatal Fury 2.)
  • Choutetsu Brikinger (A very rare, yet very fun shoot 'em up, which was planned for North American release as Ironclad, but never came out. It's also the first Neo Geo CD game on Virtual Console!)


  • Yie Ar Kung Fu 2 (The sequel to the quirky arcade fighting game.)
  • Space Manbow (A shoot 'em up which has been referenced in multiple later Konami games.)
  • Metal Gear (All the action from the "Solid" games - Just in 2D!)
  • Road Fighter (You drive on roads and you fight other cars - Simple!)
  • Penguin Adventure (The first game starring Konami's original mascot, Pentarou the penguin. A pseudo-3D game, Pentarou must traverse various lands and avoid obstacles that come at him.)

This is the first time in a while that no Arcade games have been announced as part of the initial month's lineup, but it's likely that Namco Bandai will release some over the course of the remaining weeks in November.

A huge step up in terms of non-arcade games for Japan! We'd love to see some of those MSX games elsewhere, Konami - Please?