Hey look, it's the original Balrog!

As on every other Friday, Nintendo of Japan today revealed their download plans for next week, and among the games to be released is Fighting Street, a port of the original Street Fighter that is quite close to the arcade version.

We already reported that the game had been rated by the OFLC a while ago, indicating an upcoming European and Australian release. It turns out that not just Japan, but Europe, Australia and North America will all be getting the game this month, if Hudson Soft's site is to be believed.

For the uninformed, however, be warned that only the diehard series fans should get excited over its impending release. There's a reason everybody fondly remembers the sequel instead of the original, as it suffers from poor controls and incredibly cheap opponents. There's also no real two-player mode: you can play a single match against a friend to decide who gets to play against the game's ten AI opponents, but that's all! Still, it's at least interesting to see how the series started, and to see some characters which later made comebacks.

As it's a CD game, it'll cost you 800 Wii Points. No exact release date has been decided for North America or Europe, but whatever the case, it can't be far away!

[source vc-pce.com]