Nintendo's long-dormant Excitebike franchise has seen two entries proper: the original NES release and a 3D sequel in the form of Excitebike 64. Yeah, the Excite name has lived on in the excellent Wii releases Excite Truck and the more recent Excitebots: Trick Racing, but Bike fans know they're just not the same.

But good things come to those who wait. Announced on the latest Nintendo Week show on the Nintendo Channel, Excitebike: World Rally is an honest-to-goodness sequel to the NES original slated to hit WiiWare on November 9 in the US.

Using a similar 2D side view to the original, the WiiWare release features revamped 3D graphics that retain the feel of the NES title. Players can take on friends and foes over the Nintendo WiFi Connection, the track editor is back and both motion and classic control options are in.

There's a full-blown trailer on the show too, so fire up that channel and get Excite-d.