David Edery

Speaking at the Digital Distribution Summit in Melbourne, Australia, Fuzbi's David Edery has touched upon the problems facing Nintendo's WiiWare service, as well as discussing the issues that affect all three of the major digital download services - Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network and WiiWare.

Edery - who used to be XBLA Portfolio Manager at Microsoft before setting off on his own to run consultancy Fuzbi - has attacked Nintendo's service for being "buried in the Wii dashboard" and failing to offer demo versions of games or user rating systems.

However, he did mention that of all the services, WiiWare seems to be the easiest for developers to get approval on, stating that Sony and Microsoft's portals make it harder for small companies to get their games out there.

You can check out the full post over at Gamasutra.

[source gamasutra.com]