Perhaps a bit too colourful?

Rated by the ESRB a while ago, Oscar in Toyland was recently released in Europe with no sign of a North American release. Developer Virtual Playground has now told us that the game will in fact be released next Monday, the 14th, so if you've been waiting for a platformer to hit the service, the wait is finally over! It will cost 800 DSi Points, just like in Europe.

Although it's billed as a DSiWare game, Oscar in Toyland is actually somewhat of a Virtual Console game - It's actually an old PC/Amiga game called Trolls (Yes, based on troll dolls). This version has been given a slight graphical upgrade, and the main character has been replaced by Oscar, who is the hero of a different PC/Amiga game by the same developer, simply titled Oscar. Got all that?

Sadly, we do have to warn you to be careful with this one - When we reviewed it, we thought it played pretty well. However, pretty much every other aspect of the game is a bit of a let-down - Dodgy graphics and repetitive music, the usual suspects! Still, if you absolutely must have a DSiWare platformer, it's not at all "bad" - Just don't expect a masterpiece.