The challenging original arcade version of Rygar!

Finally, some more Virtual Console Arcade support from a publisher other than Sega! It's not Namco, with their gigantic catalogue of arcade games already available in Japan, but rather Tecmo, who has chosen to release two more of their coin-op classics.

Rygar is very different from the more well-known NES game of the same name - Instead of featuring both overhead and side-scrolling stages, this one only offers the latter. Don't be fooled into thinking it's easy though - In order to suck the coins out of your pockets, enemies appear often and in large numbers, meaning you need to have lighting-fast reflexes to take them out before taking a single fatal hit yourself. Although we don't have the NES game yet (Or perhaps because we don't have it yet?) this will run you 600 Wii Points, which is quite strange - Just look how much the game below costs!

Solomon's Key is the arcade counterpart of the NES game which has been available since the Wii's release - You take the role of Dana, a wizard, as you make your way through a dungeon. In each stage, you must find a key to open up a door and then escape through it. Of course it's not as simple as it sounds - The key and door are often in hard to reach locations and guarded by plenty of monsters. In order to reach them you'll have to make use of Dana's magic powers - He can make blocks appear and disappear anywhere he wants, as long as he's close to the location in question. Strangely, unlike Sega, Tecmo has chosen not to increase the game's price over the version already available - This one will cost you 500 Wii Points as well! We'll review both new arcade games soon.

WiiWare gets one previously announced game - Spaceball: Revolution by Virtual Toys, who previously released Yummy Yummy Cooking Jam. We're not quite sure what to think of this one - The goal is to throw balls past moving obstacles at a grid in the back of each stage, thereby either lighting up or darkening squares on it. Ultimately, in each stage you must recreate predetermined patterns on the grid. For 800 Wii Points we're not sure if what's there will really be worth it, but you never know! We'll review it within the next few days.

DSiWare also only gets a single new game, which has been on the coming soon list for quite a while - Nintendo's very own 2-in-1 Solitaire. It features two different card games, which means that for the 200 DSi Point price you're basically getting 2 games for 100 points each - In Spider, you must arrange cards in piles of a single suit, from King down to Ace. In Klondike, you must arrange cards from Ace to King in four different piles - One for each suit. For 200 DSi Points we can't imagine you really being to go wrong with this, but we'll review it soon.

The Virtual Console has thankfully gotten some new games this week! Will you be downloading anything?