Kirby Super Star doubles the fun of previous games - Literally!

Next month's Japanese Virtual Console lineup is quite surprising - Two games which weren't expected to be released on the VC anytime soon, because they just got DS remakes, will be released anyway! Both of them are from Nintendo. Perhaps they're trying to convince other companies to put their recently remade games on VC as well - Chrono Trigger, anyone?

Aside from those two, the list is quite small - As Bandai Namco still does not reveal their arcade games until the week before they come out, there actually aren't even any listed for October yet, because Japan still has a September update left!

Japan's October lineup (For now) is as follows:


  • Championship Lode Runner (Pretty much the same as the first in terms of gameplay, but it features 50 incredibly hard fan-made levels!)
  • Fire Emblem: Ankoku Ryu to Hikari no Tsurugi (Recently remade into Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon, it's the game that started off this awesome strategy series.)

Super Famicom:

PC Engine:

  • Fighting Street (A CD port of the original Street Fighter - Now you can figure out exactly why this one isn't as fondly remembered as its sequels!)

Yes, that's all for now - Just 4 games in October, not counting to be announced arcade games! To make up for the lack of an update this last week, however, Japan will be getting a decently sized update to close off the month next week, on the 29th. This will consist of the following:

  • Bahamut Lagoon (Super Famicom - Another classic Square RPG never released outside Japan.)
  • Galaxian (Arcade - Galaga's predecessor and one of Namco's first shoot 'em ups.)
  • Märchen Maze (Arcade - Released in the west as Alice in Wonderland, in this game you make your way through an isometric maze-like environment made of floating blocks while pushing off enemies with your bubble blower.)
  • Tecmo Bowl (Arcade - Tecmo's original American football game.)