All Nintendo classics absolutely free - "Just" find 20 friends with internet-less Wii consoles!

Not too long ago, Nintendo of Japan announced a new promotion - those who helped enough people connect their Wii consoles to the Internet would receive free Wii Points and the ability to download a multitude of Virtual Console games absolutely free. Nintendo of Europe has now announced that they will be doing exactly the same.

Starting next month, for each Wii console you help get online, both you and your friend will get 500 Wii Points. The better bonuses don't start coming until you help more people, though: if you help a total of ten friends get online, you'll be able to download every Nintendo-published NES game on the Virtual Console for free. But that's nothing compared to what you get if you double the amount...

If you help a total of twenty friends to get connected, you'll suddenly find a ton of free games waiting for you on the Wii Shop. In fact, every single NES, SNES and N64 game available (including non-Nintendo ones!) will be yours for the grand price of absolutely nothing. Better start looking for Internet-less friends!