The 16-bit hero is making a comeback

We noticed that quite a few people are understandably excited about Gameloft's upcoming Earthworm Jim "update", so we couldn't resist reporting on this little bit of news from GamerBytes.

The site has spoken exclusively with Gameloft about the title and has discovered quite a few interesting facts. Firstly, it's going to be based on the Sega Genesis / Mega Drive version of the game (some would say the BEST version) but will contain improved visuals, better animation and several difficultly settings. It will also contain additional content that was present in the Sega CD / PC version of Earthworm Jim.

Sadly for purists, neither Dave Perry nor Doug TenNapel will be involved, which is understandable as both have since moved onto other companies and have left Jim behind them. However, the game will retain Tommy Tallarico's fantastic soundtrack.

While the iPhone version seems to be the one that Gameloft are pushing at the moment we've been assured that all other versions - including the WiiWare release - will be equally brilliant.