Now a bit better priced!

Apparently quickly realising the price was a little too high at 800 points, Nintendo of Europe has already given the DSiWare application Dictionary 6 in 1 with Camera Function, released today, a price drop.

When it was released less than a day ago it would've cost you 800 points just to have a very simplistic dictionary to carry with you! Thankfully, it's now a whole 300 points less, meaning you'll only have to pay 500 points for it - a much better deal, we think.

Although we have no review for the app yet, we've heard reports that it can only translate the simplest of words - for example, the word lumberjack will not even be recognised! This probably means that if you're looking for something to translate long, complicated sentences with, you should look elsewhere! We'll have our review online soon, so you can see what we think of it.