The star of this game!

Ever since they released the excellent WiiWare launch title Toki Tori, things have been rather quiet at Two Tribes, which was a shame - Obviously we couldn't wait to see what else they had in store for WiiWare!

Today the wait is over - Two Tribes has revealed that their next project is actually a series of WiiWare games based around the Rubik's Cube. They've already made Rubik's Cube videogames before, so it's really not too big of a shock! The first game in the series will be called Rubik's Puzzle Galaxy: RUSH.

As the title and Two Tribes's previous Rubik's Cube games hint, it will most likely not be a digital version of an actual Rubik's Cube - But rather a collection of minigames featuring its well-known appearance. Two Tribes has not given out any game details yet, but they've launched a site with a short, mysterious teaser which you can view here. Ignore The Game Factory's company name appearing - The game will still be published by Two Tribes.

It's not a lot of information, but don't worry - We've been promised an exclusive developer interview and screenshots early next week, so stay tuned!