Dig Dug's younger brother!

No huge surprises this week - WiiWare sees a game North America got earlier this week, along with Gameloft's latest, while DSiWare gets a single game already previously announced.

Mr. Driller W is the latest in Namco's now quite well-known Mr. Driller series - A spin-off of the Dig Dug series, you play as the son of its protagonist as you try to dig your way through as many blocks as you can. Like in Dig Dug, danger is always lurking around - You can be crushed by falling blocks or die due to lack of oxygen! It's got a variety of difficulty levels, so everybody will be able to choose an appropriate one, and there's even a few things to unlock. For 800 points, it's fast-paced, frantic, arcady fun, and we highly recommend it.

Texas Hold'em Poker is yet another WiiWare card game. We're really not quite sure what the reasoning behind this release is - We got Texas Hold'em Tournament not too long ago, which, although not anywhere near outstanding, was pretty much the best thing poker fans could possibly get. This one has online multiplayer for up to 5 players, which is the same as Digital Leisure's attempt, but it costs 300 Wii Points more, so we'd advise you to be careful for now. We'll review it soon.

DSiWare gets a single game this week. The previously announced Oscar in Toyland is actually a bit of a "Virtual Console" game - It's actually the old Amiga/PC game Trolls (Yes, starring those trolls)! However, because the Trolls are now a thing of the past, they've been taken out and replaced with Oscar, who was the hero of a different platformer by the same developer. Confused yet? For 800 DSi Points it's quite a pricy game, but if you're willing to drop the cash it seems like a fairly decent little platformer. It's also pretty much the only choice of a platform game you have on DSiWare! We'll have a review up in a few days.

Just these three this week! Let's hope for another Virtual Console game next time!