Look out, Worm coming!

After last month's WiiWare windfall it shouldn't be a surprise that Japan is taking a little break from the service.

Don't feel too bad for them, because there's three VC titles to tide over Wii downloaders and a few DSiWare titles from Nintendo as well.

Virtual Console
Taikoo Risshinden (Super Famicom 800pts - Koei) -- A 16th century simulation game where you assume one of several professions and make your way through life via a series of mini-games, battles and resource management. This game was only ever released in Japan; sequels have appeared on Sega Saturn, Playstation, Playstation 2 and PC.
Earthworm Jim 2 (Mega Drive 600pts - Interplay) -- The sequel to the popular annelid platformer. It's hard to imagine this would come out in Japan first, so it could be a preview of a VC release in other territories next week.
Xevious (Arcade 800pts - Namco) -- Another week and another arcade entry from Namco, but it's a classic, being one of the first games to use 3D rendered sprites giving it a slick look when it debuted at arcades in 1982.

Tune your piano the Game & Watch way!

Metronome (200pts - Nintendo) -- A virtual metronome for musicians with three different visual themes: analogue needle, digital and Game & Watch. Also included is a mini-game, Donkey Metronome, where clapping in time causes Mario to jump barrels and advance through classic arcade Donkey Kong levels.
Musical Instrument Tuner (200pts - Nintendo) -- An instrument tuning aid from Nintendo; as with Metronome there are analogue, digial and Game & Watch themes. Also includes a mini-game called "Tuner Fight," which appears to be a musical game based upon Balloon Fight.
Aa Mujou Setsuna (500pts - Nintendo) -- This one is a shooter that looks to be of the "bullet hell" variety. Two different ships on offer and WiFi leaderboards.
Puzzle Iroiro Crossword House Volume 4 (500pts - Nintendo) -- The fourth in a series of Japanese crossword games from Nintendo.