WiiWare Worm Warfare!

According to a SPOnG interview with Team 17, Worms will be headed to WiiWare, and possibly even DSiWare in the near future. The games have appeared on every major current generation platform at one time or another, but it's nice to hear news of the series making an appearance on Nintendo's WiiWare service. And the possibility of a DSiWare release makes it even better news.

Below is a quote from Martyn Brown, Creative Director at Team 17 from the SPOnG interview...

There's a bunch of things coming out: there's a new Worms for Wii, and PSP and probably Dsi coming down the line as well. All digital. And some other new stuff, off in the distance, which we can't discuss... so... well, it's all non-Worms stuff as well.

Looks like the Worms franchise will finally be coming to the WiiWare and DSiWare services in the future and that's music to our ears. We'll keep you posted on any future Worms developments as they become available.

[source spong.com]