Out Run arcade - yes please!

Now that the rate of Virtual Console releases has slowed from a flood to a trickle, it is understandable that many VC gamers have given up hope of playing their favourite SEGA games in the comfort of their living room on the Wii with a Classic Controller.

SEGA are now releasing their classic arcade games on Virtual Console, in addition to Master System and Mega Drive (Genesis) classics. What better time to tell SEGA which games you would like them to release next?

To kick things off we’d like SEGA to release Psycho Fox (SMS), Shadow Dancer (MD) and Out Run (arcade). You don’t need to limit your suggestions to purely games developed by SEGA of course, there are many other outstanding games of note on SEGA systems which were developed by other companies. Just remember many of these developers such as Technosoft who produced the excellent Thunder Force series are now no more. Also licensed games are going to be more difficult to release on the Virtual Console too.

With all that out of the way, have a careful think and tell SEGA what you want. When the dust has settled we’ll pass your choices on to SEGA's PR & marketing department and hope that it doesn’t get thrown straight into the virtual trash can!