Tuesday night's alright for fightin'.

Over on the official BPlus forums, Bernd Geiblinger, Art Director at Bplus (AKA WiiBoy) posted the following:

Now - we fought for the 'PADING'-GameBoy sound on the game start. For the PukiPuki-Sound like you know it from original tetris and Super Mario Land including the hearts in 'PAUSE'. Complete Retro-Style Menus. GameBoy like Font and sounds. NES ColourPalettes, Playstation graphic issues and also loading times... Motion Controls and hundrets of graphics just for a 600 WiiPoints game. DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH WORK IT IS? It is the work of about 50 Bit.Trip games just in one!

Feel free to click the link above to read the controversial statement in context, because we would like for you to discuss the implications of that final sentence.

First of all, do you feel that Bit Boy!! received 50 times the love, effort, sweat and refining that went into either of the Bit.Trip games?

More importantly, do you think this type of comparison should even be raised in the first place between indie developers? Is it an eye-opening account of Bplus's workload - remember, it's just two guys - or do you feel it's a little below the belt?

We here at Nintendo Life would like to believe that indie developers should stick together, and support each other - it's a tough racket out there, after all! Is it duly respectful to Gaijin Games to accuse them of investing significantly less effort in their games? Would such an accusation be out of line even if it was true?

We've heard some of your comments already, (forum user Doogle points out, correctly, that Bit.Trip: Beat has received admirable reviews across the board, which does call into question the usage of that particular franchise as a punching bag...) but we'd love to hear more.

So tell us...what do you think?

[source forums.bplus.at]