Don't die, VC.

Bummed about how crappy Nintendo of America seems to treat Channels and the Virtual Console? Aren't we all.

The Gamebag was so bummed they emailed Nintendo. When queried about the slowed VC support, a customer service rep replied with what we've all seen coming but hoped wasn't true.

We understand your concern about the lack of service on the VC as of late. Due to sales numbers being far greater recently on WiiWare than on Virtual Console, we have decided to steer in the direction of WiiWare.

Also, we in America have NO plans to update the Internet Channel or the Nintendo Channel. We hope you understand.

While a customer service rep may not sound like the most reliable source, they're trained to follow company policy, and it's pretty apparent by the lack of VC releases in the US for the past two weeks, and its very spotty release schedule otherwise, that Nintendo may be slowing down the service. Still, some things are peculiar about this policy.

It seems very odd to blame the low sales of a service that has zero marketing push behind it, apart from a weekly email to people that have already registered with Nintendo through their Web site. Half of the Punch-Out!! marketing campaign seems to lean towards the nostalgic, so why not tell people the old one is there for 500 points? Pull an Apple and advertise on TV what cool things you can download onto Wii.

And where is the support for VC Arcade?

As for not updating the channels, well, it seems to always be company policy to deny everything until a week after release, so who knows when that might happen. Videos and demos are still updated every week, so it's not like the company has completely abandoned their self-named channel.

Mountains of salt here, folks.