Hanabi Festival in Japan means Hanabi Festival in Europe!

We've been expecting another Hanabi Festival for quite a while now - A whole bunch of import titles are already rated and completely ready for release in PAL regions, but month after month, we were met with disappointment. It finally ends next month though!

If you take a quick look at Hudson's Virtual Console site, you'll notice that Bomberman '94 and Detana!! Twinbee are both listed for release in Europe and Australia in July, and more importantly, both have a Hanabi Festival icon!

We wonder how many games will be released - The very first Hanabi Festival saw 6 imports, the second had 9, and the third had 6 again, although one of them was a permanent rerelease of Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels, which was previously only available for two and a half weeks. We certainly hope there will be 9 games again this time!

Other games likely to be released in July, because they have an OFLC or PEGI rating, are:

Let's hope all of them are released!

[source vc-pce.com]