PokeWalker: taking the concept of training Pokemon literally.

Today's episode of the Japanese Pokémon Sunday officially revealed the "PokeWalker", a pedometer-like accessory that will come bundled with copies of the upcoming Pokémon remakes, Pokémon Heart Gold and Soul Silver

The Poke Ball-shaped device allows you to wirelessly transfer a Pokémon from the DS games into the real world and train it via the PokeWalker's pedometer function. For every step you take while wearing the PokeWalker the transferred Pokémon will gain experience and happiness, eventually leveling up when a certain amount of steps are reached. The Pokémon can also uncover items via mini-games and battle wirelessly against other Pokémon. Neat.
Watch the Japanese TV announcement here:

In many ways the PokeWalker is reminiscent of the successful Pokémon Pikachu device released worldwide several years back. The international Pokémon Fire Red and Leaf Green remakes for the Game Boy Advance came packaged with a wireless Link Cable so we can only hope that the PokeWalker receives the same treatment.

Expect an announcement here at Nintendo Life if and when the PokeWalker is made available worldwide.

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