An entirely new 16-bit game... Delicious!

Things were looking good for a short while - The VC seemed to be getting new games every week as of a month or so ago. But two weeks ago, and now again this week, there's not a single new VC game in sight - Please don't tell us Nintendo of Europe is going back to alternating VC and WiiWare weeks!

At least the WiiWare and DSiWare offerings this time are pretty good...

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years is meant to be a true sequel to Final Fantasy IV, originally released on the SNES (Though not in Europe) and recently remade on the DS. The After Years takes place 17 years after the original game, and includes many familiar faces. The "basic" pack will run you 800 Wii Points, but you'll have to cough up a lot more to see the whole game - There's 8 additional segments you'll have to download, which each cost 300 Wii Points, except for the last, which will cost 800. Only the first additional pack is available right now, the rest will be made available in the next months. Corbie will have a review up soon, so keep an eye out!

On DSiWare there's really just one new game. Art Style: KUBOS is the 5th DSiWare Art Style game, previously released in Japan as Art Style: nalaku. In this game, you control a little man as he runs around on a square platform. Dodge falling blocks, then push them around and climb on them in order to gradually reach higher and higher spots. Naturally, you need to try and go as high as you possibly can. KUBOS costs 500 DSi Points, just like the other DSiWare Art Style games. Just one Art Style left! We'll have a review up in the next few days.

You can also download two new apps on DSiWare today. The Animal Crossing Calculator and Animal Crossing Clock will each run you 200 DSi Points and will do exactly what their names say. Hardly exciting for anybody but the hardest of hardcore Animal Crossing fans, really! If you need convincing on why these just aren't worth the points, read our Animal Crossing Calculator review, and our Animal Crossing Clock review.

No retro goodness this week! Come on Nintendo, surprise us next week!