Soak your target!

Well, after weeks without a new DSiWare release in Japan the storm gates have been opened and next Wednesday is serving up a bumper crop of titles for the portable download service.

Chuugakku Kihon Hana Tango Word Puzzle (200pts) from I.E. Institute, Ltd. is a word puzzle game using a middle school (jr. high) vocabulary and questions to help folk learn English.

Chiria no Doobutsu Koya (500pts) from Arc System Works seems to be a farm-themed (Doobutsu Koya is an "animal pen/barn") puzzle game and is part of the Cheap Puzzle Series.

Dragon Quest Wars (500pts) from Square-Enix, looks like a board game with Chess stylings. It should be noted that this game has no actual date beyond June, however that could just be a typo given the 24th is the last Wednesday of the month.

Classic fantasy fighting fun!

Real Soccer 2009 (800pts) is from Gameloft and already out in NA/EU. You can read our review if you want to know more.

Native Kaiwa Hen (800pts) from Nintendo is a follow-up to 27 May's Yasashii Kaiwa Hen and is a program for learning more advanced conversational English.

We only seem to have a single WiiWare title and two VCA titles coming out Tuesday for the Wii, but we should also mention an omission from last week.

After the news item last Thursday, Pokemon Scramble (Nintendo 1500pts) was added to the release list and came out this past week. It features itty bitty Pokemon critters that you collect and fight in arenas and seems to also have RPG sections and the ability to combine two Pokemon to make new ones. Expect this to stay at the top of the charts for all time just like My Pokemon Ranch.

After a previous false listing, the sole WiiWare release for next week is Hudson's family-friendly FPS Bang Bang Kids (Water Warfare elsewhere) for 800pts.

Virtual Console releases are often the subject of jealous rants in the Japanese download comments and next week is certain to result in many green-eyed monsters frothing at the mouth with two outstanding arcade classics being released:

Golden Axe (Sega)

Galaga '88 (Namco)

As appears to be the case for all VCA releases (bar the initial launch titles in NA/EU) these will be 800pts. each.