Jumali, a member of the Landian race

In case you didn't know, Luc Bernard's fantasy-themed turn-based strategy title Mecho Wars has just been released on the iPhone and has been getting some generally positive reviews.

Bernard himself has previously stated - albeit under the influence of alcohol - that he'd like to bring the game to either WiiWare or DSiWare and now he's gotten in touch to let us know that it's definitely coming to both, having passed Nintendo's approval process.

Bernard has also confirmed that he is working closely with publisher Flying Tiger Entertainment and will be overseeing every aspect of the conversion process. This is in stark contrast to Bernard's previous title - Eternity's Child - which was announced for WiiWare months ago and still hasn't appeared; however, the situation with that title is different as its publisher - Alten8 - is working on the port itself, without Bernard's assistance.

The WiiWare version in action

Sadly, the Nintendo versions of Mecho Wars will not support online play, even though this is a feature that Bernard is hoping to bring to the iPhone version in a future update. However, it will have a local 2 player mode and will feature a extended soundtrack.

No solid release date has been set, but Bernard has confirmed that he hopes to have the WiiWare version finished by the end of August.

You can check out the Mecho Wars soundtrack here and the official site here.