Dragon Master Spell Caster

It’s been quite a while since we first came across Dragon Master Spell Caster on WiiWare. Up until now the guys at New Zealand based Stickmen Studios’ have kept tight lipped about their WiiWare debut. As the game is nearing release they have finally spilled the beans – exclusively to your friendly neighbourhood Nintendo Life of course!

The game overview below will tell you more information about this game than you can shake a stick at. You can also see the single player and also the two player split screen versus mode in our screenshot gallery too.

It looks like this game might be a bit like Panzer Dragoon in a way. We have to say this fully 3D WiiWare game does look like an ambitious project, let’s hope it lives up to its potential.

Stay tuned to Nintendo Life to see the video trailer when its ready to be revealed. Until then have a read of the game overview below and let us know your thoughts as always. Will this be a day one purchase for you?

Dragon Master Spell Caster for WiiWare – Game Overview



In the magical fantasy world of Nakiha mankind has unwittingly returned the Dragon Lords! Unga the mighty Dragon Lord of the Earth, Kullwraith the wild Dragon Lord of Storm, Susinuo the irresistible Dragon Lord of Water and Pyrozian the ferocious Dragon Lord of Fire have been set loose upon the world of men. The destiny of the dragons will decide the fate of mankind. The four ruling powers have selected their Champions, and entrusted each with a single Dragon Tome with which to control, banish, enslave or free the Dragon Lords.


Game Play

Choose your Champion and Dragon Lord. Unleash the awesome magic of earth, storm, fire and water and the might of your Dragon Lord to defeat the rival Champions their Dragons in explosive magical battles and amazing dragon combat. Mix spells to unleash their incredible effects. Turn your opponents own magic against them by blasting spells into those of the enemy and transforming the nature of their magic. Master the unique Wii™ motion sensing controls to fly your Dragon Lord and battle your way to victory. Defeat your opponents, unite the Dragon Tomes and determine the future of Nakiha as Dragon Master Spell Caster!

Game Modes

Choose from four different paths and decide the fate of the world in the fantastic Story Mode where you must defeat each rival Champion and their Dragon lord to win their Dragon Tome and master their spells.


With every victory you will unlock new magic and learn each champion’s tale through beautiful comic panels which are revealed as the game unfolds.


Challenge your friends with two player split screen Arcade Mode, where you can tailor your tactics with different dragon and rider combinations, each with their own strengths and weaknesses.


The Champions

Name: Jen Comu
Age: 25
Kingdom: Serengania
Magical Preference: Ice
Gifted with Ice magic, Jen Comu was raised in Serengania as a Priestess of the Dragons. Tattooed with ritual dragon emblems Jen was raised to a life of discipline and dragon worship. As champion of Serengania, Jen was instructed to deliver control of all dragons to the Emperor. However, Jen believes that the dragons should be free to rule Nakiha. So, upon leaving the Dragon Temple in search of the Dragon Lord of Water, she ripped her formal robes and disguised herself as a beggar to escape her bonds as champion of Serengania. Now, as a wild and untamed dragon priestess following her own path, she intends to unite the Tomes to free the dragons!

Name: Elziath
Age: 450
Kingdom: Andera
Magical Preference: Earth
300 years ago Elziath was foremost amongst the magic users who banished the dragons to the great ice wastes. Fearing that the dragon lords will destroy mankind or become the deadly servants of an evil power, the kingdom of Andera has resurrected this ancient champion to carry the Tome of Bone and banish the Dragon Lords and their Dragon kin back to the elements from which they were created. Elziath now seeks the Tomes of Scale, Talon and Fire. With them he can ensure that the Dragon Lords are returned to the elements and he can rest in peace.

Name: Muru Moko
Age: 29
Kingdom: Unknown
Magical Preference: Storm
Muru Moko was named for the light and dark spirits within him, he is infamous for his ability to control mists, lightning and storms. It was whilst training at the Dragon Temples of Serengania that he first met the beautiful Dragon Priestess Jen Comu and although they wished to be together, the path of Muru Moko’s dreams took him far from her.
Muru Moko was consumed with the desire for power. He planned to release the Dragons and claim the title of “Dragon Master”, ruler of the dragons and now he champions his own cause; to unite the Dragon Tomes, gain dominion over all Dragon Kin and proclaim himself “Dragon Master” and Emperor of Serengania.

Name: Vourak
Age: Unknown
Kingdom: Daeroviar
Magical Preference: Fire
Daeroviar decided that their champion must be prepared to do anything to win. Vourak, demon lord of an ancient order of knights, was summoned to champion Daroviar’s cause. Dragged from the realm of Vragalis, lord of destruction, Vouraks love of fire and ruin drives his every action. Should Vourak succeed in uniting the Dragon Tomes he will enslave the dragons and use them to burn, crush and destroy everything in his path, upholding his belief that only the strong survive.

Susinuo, Dragon Lord of Water


The Dragon Lord of Water is the master of the oceans. Turquoise in colour, Susinuo has evolved a large blade like tail and webbed talons. Blessed with four wings and a long flexible body Susinuo is fast and agile.

Unga, Dragon Lord of Earth


Formed from the boulders and roots of the world, the Dragon Lord of Earth is the biggest and strongest of all. However, all that weight means Unga is the slowest in the air, making this giant very stable and very tough. Slow to anger and hard to hurt, Unga is the easiest to control of all the Dragon Lords.

Pyrozian, Dragon Lord of Fire


The fiercest of all the Dragon Lords, Pyrozian has the temper of fire; quick to flare into a rage, and the hardest to control. Born from burning lava this huge creature of the inferno has the deadliest flame and most unpredictable nature.

Kullwraith, Dragon Lord of Storm


With wings of raw lightning, Kullwraith is fast and temperamental, switching from extreme calm to fury and rage in seconds. The power of the storm makes Kullwraith the fastest of all the Dragon Lords and the speed of lightning makes the Storm Lord a difficult enemy to fight.