Bit Boy!! on Friday!

Austrian developer Bplus has just announced that their newest WiiWare title Bit Boy!! will be released in Europe on July 3rd. The title will retail for 600 Nintendo Points. The US version of the game is currently still in check at Nintendo, but Bplus assures us that a North American release date should be coming soon and the game is still on tap for a July 2009 release.

Bit Boy!!, is a totally new kind of game mix in which one-pixel-hero Kubi rushes through the whole history of videogames in order to save his pixel pals.

Players accompany Kubi in this totally crazy-pixellated retro journey and battle hordes of nasty monsters in:

  • 4-bit dungeons
  • 8-bit caves
  • 16-bit strongholds
  • 32-bit mazes
  • 64-bit arenas
  • 128-bit worlds
Players can grab a pal for even more fun in the cooperative mode.
The Wii Remote is your joystick – the arcade adventure begins.

We'll have more information on Bit Boy!! as it becomes available, as well as a full review when it hits the WiiWare service on July 3rd.