Rewrite history - Slaughter some Aztecs as the Chinese (Or the other way around!)

It's been a long wait since the game was first announced back in August last year, but if you live in Europe, you'll be able to enjoy Dutch developer Ronimo Games's promising strategy title Swords & Soldiers very soon - Next Friday, in fact!

With a whole bunch of game modes (Including a campaign, skirmish and local multiplayer), 25 achievements and three different factions to play as this certainly looks like one of the best WiiWare games yet, content-wise. Let's hope it's every bit as good as the other WiiWare game made by Dutch developers, Toki Tori! The game's price point has also finally been revealed - 1000 Wii Points isn't too shabby.

There's no exact date for North America yet, but Ronimo Games says it will "follow soon." If you want to read what the developers had to say about the game shortly after it was announced you can read our Swords & Soldiers interview.