Prepare to relive the Johto region in glorious kinda-sorta-not-really-3D!

Nintendo of Japan has been hinting at it recently, but now the news is official - Pokemon Gold and Silver are being remade for the Nintendo DS!

Set for a Japanese release this Fall to co-incide with the original games' ten-year anniversary, the remakes (dubbed Heart Gold and Soul Silver) will be remade using the revised Pokemon Platinum engine and feature all the perks afforded to them by current hardware, including all-new graphics, music and additional content.

There are currently no official plans for an international release. If the handling of Pokemon Platinum is anything to go by we can expect Ninteno of America and/or Europe to spend the next several months denying the games even exist. Won't that be swell?

Keep an eye on Nintendo Life for more info on Heart Gold and Soul Silver as it comes to hand.