This kinda reminds us of the end of Metroid...but with added guilt

Sex is used to sell an awful lot of things these days, and video games are no exception. However, LA burlesque club Bordello's recent night of video game-themed stripping strikes us as a little bad taste. And we have low standards to begin with!

Lucky punters were given the chance to see such highly respected icons as Chun Li (Street Fighter), Princess Peach (Super Mario Bros.) and (rather worryingly) Link (Legend of Zelda) mince around in poorly-made costumes before shedding said clothing and swinging their private parts about in what was probably intended to be a sexually-charged display of erotic dancing, but looks about as alluring as watching your grandmother 'get her groove on' at a family gathering.

We've only seen this slideshow (which is totally and unquestionably NSFW, kids) and neither the girls or costumes are really worth writing home about. The Samus one is laughable.

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