"I never said I was in the first place!"

Bad news, Nintendo fans. Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has dropped a bombshell at the company's recent financial results briefing: Shigeru Miyamoto is NOT God.

During the meeting Iwata was quizzed about some of Nintendo's more questionable choices had ultimately had no option but to break the hearts of millions of Miyamoto-lovers worldwide:

One of the reasons why Miyamoto is highly praised is because of his ability to stop, rethink about, and fix how he can convey the appeal of a software when he finds out during the latter phase of development that the software will not be good enough. However, he is not God and even Miyamoto himself cannot hit the mark every time nor always predict how long it takes to complete development.

Hopefully your world hasn't been rocked too much by this epic news.

[source kotaku.com]