Finally a WiiWare game for strategic masterminds

As announced last week, today sees the release of a certain anticipated WiiWare title. Joining it is a Mega Drive game and yet another set of magic tricks for your DSi!

Swords & Soldiers is WiiWare's first RTS game. With its cartoony 2D graphics, fairly deep gameplay and multiple game modes it's certainly one of the more promising WiiWare games thus far. Now it's time to see if's just as good as it seems to be! Naturally, you can expect a review in the next few days.

It seemed like there was no Virtual Console release today, but it seems Nintendo was just late. Today you can download Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure on the Mega Drive. It surprised us and turned out to be a winner in our review when it hit the US last month.

A Little Bit of... Magic Made Fun: Shuffle Games is the third Magic Made Fun compilation on DSiWare. Again, it's practically pointless to pick it up, the retail game can be found very cheap and is a much better deal! But if you're feeling courageous, go ahead and read our Master of Illusion Express: Shuffle Games review!

At least the Magic Made Fun releases are over for now - That is, until the next three come out!