Finally, the best version of Space Harrier!

After last week's lack of a new VC game it's a bit surprising to see just one this week. At least it's a somewhat long-awaited one!

The arcade version of Space Harrier is long overdue - Its Master System port and Mega Drive sequel have both been available for quite a while! It goes without saying though that this is the best version of the original game you could possibly ask for - The Master System port is relatively mediocre, so if you held off on downloading that but still want to play Space Harrier, now's your chance. The only problem might be the price, however - It's the first European Virtual Console Arcade game not to cost 500 points - It's 800! Naturally we'll have a full review soon.

On the WiiWare side of things we have the previously announced Fish'em All by Abylight. In this largely multiplayer-focused game your job is to catch as many fish as you can. You don't actually need to go fishing to do so though - The fish seem to be eager on getting caught, so they'll leap out of the water without hesitation. All you have to do is catch them in your net! If you're up for some multiplayer fun this might be worth a look for 800 points - Stay tuned for our full review this weekend. In the meantime you can read our Abylight interview about the game.

On DSiWare there's yet another Art Style game - Art Style: NEMREM was already released in Japan some months back as Art Style: SOMNIUM. This is basically a sliding block puzzle. You're presented with a bunch of coloured blocks and from there the objective is simple - Slide them around and get them in the correct positions. It seems like one of the less interesting Art Style games Japan already got, but who knows, it could be fun! Like all other DSiWare Art Style games it's only 500 points, so it's not too expensive either. We'll have a review soon.

That's it this week - Although it may sound like a broken record, perhaps next week, the first update of June, we'll get a Hanabi Festival?