Teleporters in action!

Andrew Lum, producer of the upcoming WiiWare title Frobot, just sent us a brand new video showing the game's teleporter game play.

Below is a snippet taken from the official blog entry by Frobot designer Eric Esteb and describes the teleporter function found in various levels throughout the game. You can also check out the new video below for a bit more insight into how this feature works.

Hi everyone. I'm Eric Esteb, the game designer for Frobot, and it is my pleasure to introduce our newest feature. Frobot is now going to be traveling through, shooting through, and generally kicking ass with teleporters. As one might imagine, these teleporters move things from one place to another place instantaneously, making for some interesting and challenging new puzzles. Take a look.

We'll have more information on Frobot as it becomes available, as well as a full review when the game hits the WiiWare service.