Way back in September last year a fun rhythm puzzler by the name of Groovin’ Blocks boogied its way on to the WiiWare service in North America. This Lumines/Columns inspired puzzle attracted favourable reviews with our very own Corbie giving it a score of 7/10 (he claims that this is not his favourite number BTW!).

European WiiWare gamers felt a bit left out in the cold as it never saw a release outside North America. Perhaps sales were not good enough to justify a WiiWare release in Europe which is a shame. Worry not, Euro puzzle fans as a enhanced version of the game will be released later this year by Zoo Publishing, it will be a disc based Wii retail game however and have extra features to compensate for the added cost. An iPhone port of the game is also planned.

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Our pals at Empty Clip Studios have told us that the enhanced retail version will almost double the amount of licensed and original music (20 full-length songs vs 11) as well as the number of stages (50+ vs 27, not counting the hidden mode). In addition, there will be updated special effects, new background themes as well as some other minor improvements.

The publisher is yet undecided on if this will be a budget release or at regular Wii retail pricing. North America will also get this version in shops too it seems.

More from today’s press release:

All New Editions Of Groovin’ Blocks Keep The Beat

Zoo Publishing, Inc. & Empty Clip Studios Partner on New Rhythmic Puzzle Games

May 21, 2009 – New York, NY—This Summer you’ll be nodding your head to the next big thing in casual gaming as Zoo Publishing, Inc. and Empty Clip Studios combine music and rhythm with traditional puzzle gameplay in Groovin’ Blocks. The successful WiiWare™ game is getting beefed up for an enhanced experience on Wii™ with all new levels, brand new songs, and more hours of puzzling play. And for the first time, you’ll be able to take Groovin’ Blocks on-the-go with a whole new iPhone™ edition.

Groovin’ Blocks brings a new twist to classic puzzle gameplay. Players maneuver colorful blocks and drop them in like-colored clusters to clear the board. But an original soundtrack with all new beats really drives the gameplay in Groovin’ Blocks. Drop the blocks on the beats and play to the rhythm of the music for higher scores and bonuses—and really let the music take over! It’s this simple addition—seamlessly integrating head-bobbing beats into each puzzle—that truly makes Groovin’ Blocks an addictive guilty pleasure.

“Groovin’ Blocks really stands out as an entirely unique puzzle playing experience. The way Empty Clip made music essential to the classic gameplay grabbed me right away, and we knew this would be a great fit for other gaming platforms,” says Mark Seremet, CEO of Zoo Publishing, Inc. “Pounding rhythms beat out the tempo of each puzzle—like a pulse to each level—bringing whole new life to casual gaming.”

“We are very excited to partner with Zoo to bring the extended versions of the unique musical game Groovin’ Blocks to different platforms,” says Matt Shores, Managing Partner at Empty Clip Studios. “North America will get to see more music and levels on Wii™ while the European market will have access to the game for the first time. And introducing it to the booming iPhone™ market will really give that audience a whole new puzzle experience.”

Check out for more information and screen shots, and get in the game!

Will you be picking this up when it comes out? Do you think it is a big mistake to go Wii retail, should this game remain as a downloadable title for Europe? As always, let us know your thoughts.