Looks like we'll have to wait just a tad more

Tyrone Rodriguez, producer over at Nicalis, house of Cave Story and Night Game, made a guest appearance on the most recent IGN Nintendo Voice Chat podcast. While he remained silently "concentrating" for most of the hour, he did let slip a few details about his studio's highly anticipated WiiWare titles.

We've known for a good while that Cave Story would allow players to choose between the new and old graphics and music. Those in the mood to blow their minds should be happy to know that you'll be able to mix and match the music and graphics, so a sort of "classic" mode can include whatever it is you deem classic.

A while back, we were told the game should have, well, already been out by this point. Rodriguez revealed the new release window, which is now sometime after E3. With all the new additions like boss modes, DLC, time attacks and new weapons and enemies, I think it's okay to let this one delay slide a bit.

Mr. Rodriguez also spent a few minutes talking about Night Game, that other anticipated game Nicalis is working on. After seeing how people tried to control the marble at GDC, Nicalis has gone back and added tilt to the game, so players have even more options besides the Wiimote, classic controller and some sort of one-handed mode.

Night Game's ambient soundtrack will be randomly generated, he said. What this means is you might hear one song on a certain level and when you replay that area you won't necessarily hear it again. He also mentioned that there can be occasional long periods of silence and then the music will kick back in, which sounds like it'll pump you the hell up rolling that marble around in the dark.

Nicalis is shooting to wrap up the game by September.

Check out Nicalis' blog for a new video of Cave Story's Sand Zone in action, too. It's quite sandy.

[source wii.ign.com]