TWG News has a hilarious interview up with Alex Neuse, designer at Bit.Trip factory Gaijin Games, and Edmund McMillen, busy developing Super Meat Boy, in which the dynamic duo talk about Bit.Trip Beat's punishing difficulty and some of the tricks up Super Meat Boy's disgusting sleeve.


TWG News - Are the Characters based of other games?

Edmund McMillen - Most are from other indie games, yes. At least 12-14 are from other indie games. I have already announced Tim from Braid. And I think... yes... yes I’m going to do it. I’m going to announce that Commander Video WILL BE PLAYABLE IN SUPER MEAT BOY FOR WIIWARE!!!!


Hells. Yeah. Not only will Commander Video make an appearance, but the game will also feature a level reminiscent of the Bit.Trip series. Your eyes will never forgive you.

Check out the interview for more Bit.Trip Meat goodness, and ask yourself, what are the other indie game characters in the game? Goo blobs? Perhaps some Toki Tori action?