Rolando killer coming to WiiWare soon?

If you’re anything like me then you are holding off buying an iPhone, the temptation is there but somehow you manage to resist and find a way to stay faithful to your crappy mobile phone, well at least for the time being! Seeing games that look as good as Rolando on the App Store makes it harder to resist though, this LocoRoco clone really does look the business.

All is not lost for stubborn gamers like me however as leading iPhone apps publisher Chillingo has announced that they are going to release a Rolando killer on WiiWare and iPhone with a 3D twist and downloadable levels.

In other news Chillingo will be publishing two former WiiWare games on the iPhone, both Toki Tori and Potpourrii are making the leap to Apple’s shiny must have gadget soon.

We’ll bring you more news on the WiiWare version of Chillingo’s Rolando killer as more information surfaces. Watch this space!