Bubble Bobble, now with 4 players

Ratings for Bubble Bobble Plus! and Rainbow Islands: Towering Adventure! have been sitting on the OFLC for quite a while, and as you might know, Japan got the two games quite a while ago. Thankfully they're now coming soon!

These two games are not just straight-out remakes of Bubble Bobble and Rainbow Islands - They feature completely new levels and gameplay modes as well. Bubble Bobble Plus! also offers some DLC which contains even more levels.

Square Enix's press release can be found below:

London (6th April 2009) – Square Enix Ltd., the publisher of Square Enix® interactive entertainment products in Europe and other PAL territories, today announces the release of two downloadable titles for WiiWare™ from TAITO®. BUBBLE BOBBLE™ Plus! will be available for download from 10th April 2009, while RAINBOW ISLANDS™: TOWERING ADVENTURE! is set for release in May 2009.

Originally released in 1986, BUBBLE BOBBLE became an instant hit in arcades around the world. Now BUBBLE BOBBLE Plus! gives a new dimension to the classic action with its four-person multiplayer mode along with a global ranking system. BUBBLE BOBBLE Plus! offers endless fun with 400 challenging rounds in different game modes. All of the memorable characters that players know and love will be joined by new enemy characters that stand in the way of victory.

One year after the release of BUBBLE BOBBLE, in 1987 came another arcade success story from TAITO in the form of RAINBOW ISLANDS. Bub and Bob return in their human form to take on a new adventure with surprising new skills.

John Yamamoto, president and chief executive officer of Square Enix Ltd. comments, “Whether playing for the first time or reliving fond memories, BUBBLE BOBBLE Plus! and RAINBOW ISLANDS: TOWERING ADVENTURE! are two colourful new additions to WiiWare that will provide fun for all ages.”



Twin Bubble Dragons Bub and Bob reunite to journey through the Cave of Monsters to rescue their girlfriends. Push and burst bubbles while avoiding enemies in order to solve the mystery hidden in each round, and defeat the final boss!


  • Relive the classic arcade game with the 200 rounds provided in Standard Mode and Super Standard Mode.
  • Defeat new bosses and explore all-new maps with the 200 rounds in Arrange Mode and Super Arrange Mode, discovering clues in each round to unravel a hidden story.
  • Experience four-person multiplayer gameplay for the first time in BUBBLE BOBBLE history.
  • Challenge high scores around the world in Ranking Mode and become the best BUBBLE BOBBLE Plus! player in the world!
  • Download two Expert modes as add-on content for 100 extra rounds.



See our twin heroes in their human forms of Bubby and Bobby as they embark on another adventure climbing to the top of Rainbow Tower. Bubby and Bobby borrow the mystical powers of Rainbow magic as they ward off the attacks of the pesky Dr. Crescent and aim for the top of Rainbow Tower to meet Holly’s Comet, who will make any dream a reality.


  • Clear seven uninterrupted Areas in Story Mode before reaching the top, where you will finally get to meet the rainbow-coloured Holly's Comet.
  • Improve your speed on Challenge Mode. Start from the ground and climb the Rainbow Tower as fast as you can!
  • Challenge your skills on Time Attack Mode, choosing from the toughest levels. Make sure you avoid all Dr. Crescent's monsters or your time will decrease faster!
  • Use a full range of Rainbow magic. Use rainbows to attack, shield you from enemies and to jump to reach the top of Rainbow Tower.

As these were released in Japan already, our resident Japanese Wii owner, Sean, wrote up some first impressions a while ago. You can read his thoughts on Bubble Bobble Plus! here, and his thoughts on Rainbow Islands: Towering Adventure! here.