Bub and Bob are back - With two friends!

It seems like Nintendo of Europe wants to make up for their single WiiWare release two weeks ago - This week there's not one, not two, but three new games available! Sadly there are no new DSiWare games today, you can’t have everything you want can you?

Bubble Bobble Plus! is obviously the biggest release of the bunch - This remake of the original game features improved graphics and sound, along with new levels, a selectable difficulty and a 4-player mode! It costs 800 Wii Points, which is very reasonable, and you can even download two DLC packs (With 50 extra levels each) for 200 points each. While waiting for the review, you could go over Sean's first impressions from the Japanese version one more time.

Equilibrio was released in the US last Monday - You maneuver a ball through an obstacle course by tilting your Wii remote. Previous "tilting" games on WiiWare, such as The Incredible Maze, have proven quite disappointing - Maybe this one will fare better? As you might've noticed our review isn't up yet - Don't worry, it'll be available very soon! In the meantime, why not read our Equilibrio interview?

Today's final new game is Family & Friends Party. This was also released in the US a while ago. It's a party game where you and up to 7 friends play a variety of minigames, which are all quite simple - Solving mathematical equations, guessing words, identifying a picture, and others. We thought it was quite average - There are better party games available on WiiWare already!

So which of these 3 WiiWare games (if any) will you be buying? Do let us know in the comments area below.

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