Puzzle Bobble Wii -- wheee!

You know I just bought 6000 Wii points for the PAL service expecting a ton of new WiiWare and Virtual Console Arcade titles to appear imminently. I may be somewhat impatient, but it's extra disheartening to see two single-release Fridays in a row and then the nearly non-stop flood of content hitting Japan week after week.

Next week the Japanese shop will see four new WiiWare releases and three new Virtual Console releases including two for the new Virtual Console Arcade. It almost makes me wish I could transfer those points...

Anyway the WiiWare releases are as follows:

Shanghai Wii - Sunsoft 800 points. This has been rumoured for some time, but I'm still surprised to see it. This is also known as "mahjong solitaire" and is basically a tile-matching game using mahjong tiles stacked in various patterns that has been on computers and consoles for a very long time. Sunsoft hasn't released any of these outside of Japan in the past, but it's WiiWare so anything's possible, right?

I love Shanghai *awwwwww*

Puzzle Bobble Wii - Taito 800 points. I think we all knew this was coming, but I really didn't think it would be so soon! Very exciting and eases the desire for any arcade ports of it. Looking at screens it seems to be modeled on the original.

Adventure Island - Hudson 1000 points. I actually expected this to turn up in North America first for some reason...

Evasive Space - Torai Faasuto (Try First) 1000 points. So, High Voltage found a publisher in Japan for this game but not in Europe, eh?

VC releases include Legend of Zelda, Majora's Mask for the N64 for 1200 points (does this mean North America gets it on Monday?) and two VC Arcade releases: Cosmo Gang The Puzzle from Namco for 800 points and Space Invaders from Taito for 500 points.