Now we have the complete lineup!

Ronimo Games has announced details of the third faction in its highly promising WiiWare title Swords & Soldiers.

As you may already be aware, Swords & Soldiers is a 2D sidescrolling real-time strategy game. Ronimo has been slowly drip-feeding information about the title over the past few months and with the release only weeks away, this is surely the final piece of the puzzle.

Here's the press release:

Just a few weeks before release of the game, the third faction of Swords and Soldiers, the Chinese is finally revealed!

At long last the veil of secrecy is lifted! Emerging as the third contender for world domination is the CHINESE EMPIRE! Ruled by their child emperor, the Chinese care little for Viking barbecue feasts, or Aztec Vegetable growing contests. The Child Emperor tasks his subjects with gathering the the most exquisite toys from the corners of the world. Of course this will lead the Chinese empire onto a collision course with the other two factions.

To introduce the first Chinese unit: The Rocketeer
Strapping giant firework rockets to your back might not seem like a brilliant idea, but the Rocketeers will do anything to satisfy their emperor's appetite for new toys. Extremely volatile, the Rocketeers are always willing to deliver their beautifull but deadly payload to the opposition. As well as offering a ranged attack, Rocketeers deal damage with final breath, and always go out with a bang, giving the whole battlefield a festive glow!

To introduce the first Chinese spell: Arrow rain
The arrow is a very effective weapon in the Chinese arsenal. They are used to pick off single targets at a great distance. To confront the sturdy Vikings and the fast moving Aztecs, the Chinese have improved their arrows with some burning fire. So if you're fighting the Chinese faction, you'd better hope the heavens don't open. If they do, there's a good chance you're about to be showered with a barrage of flaming arrows.